We offer love, psychological and social support

Sueño en Colores (Dream in Colors) Association provides psychosocial support to at-risk kids in need.

Children and teens

We give the psychological support to at-risk kids and teach them tools to better cope with their problems.

Art therapy

We approach mental health creatively. We use imagination, color, space and music to reinforce therapy.

Be the difference

Come to Avenida Escazú, San Jose, Costa Rica, adopt a piglet, an elementary school or make a donation to help at-risk kids.

Be the difference!

Help spread some happiness and joy. It's easy, just adopt a pig, a school or make a donation! solo adoptá un chancho!

Our team

At Sueña en Colores we all bring something wonderful. Be the difference!


We constantly receive message from those who have worked with us. It reminds of of the value of helping.
De la Escuela República de Venezuela

From República de Venezuela School


"It taught me how to control my emotions and have true friends. I had fun and learned to be a good person."

De la Escuela Juan Santamaría

From Juan Santamaría School

María Williams

"My son has managed to control and channel his frustration, bad mood, and it reflects clearly when he goes to the workshops."

De la Escuela Juan Santamaría

From Juan Santamaría School

María Sandí

"This program is great, it helps Moisés in his personal life and his relationship with other kids is now more affective, he doesn't wake up at night with nightmares and with fear."

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Be the difference

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