This is how Sueña en Colores works

Sueña en Colores is supported by donations and collaborations from different entities. With these funds, the Association finances the multiple intervention activities. Each intervention has a different cost, depending not only on the duration of the program but also on the location of the community where the workshop is held. According to the needs of the groups, the trained professionals are assigned, who move to the population and carry out the workshops.

Sueña en Colores has a Declaration of Public Utility granted by the Ministry of Justice and Peace. It also has the benefit given by the government to receive tax deductible donations.

Donations are considered deductible expenses for income tax purposes, according to Law No. 7092.

This is how you can help the kids we help:

There are several ways you can help the country's children. From an automatic charge to your credit card, to the adoption of a complete school. Help of any size and of any kind helps others!

1. Donating via Paypal


2. Adopting a school

The work we do in schools is based on the fact that studies have shown that a happy and motivated child has more chances of success and of improving their school performance. That is to say: a happy child increases his chances of improving his whole life.

You or your company can become responsible of supporting one of the schools with which the Association works.

To help us in this way, write us here.

3. Donating via local Bank Transfers

You can support us economically to improve the conditions of the most needy projects. We have a monthly automatic billing program for the credit card of your choice.

You can make a donation through a bank deposit to any of the following accounts. All donations are tax deductible. authorized by Ministerio de Hacienda (pdf).

BAC – Colones
Cuenta corriente: 907823090
Cuenta cliente: 10200009078230909
IBAN: CR27010200009078230909

BAC – Dólares
Cuenta corriente: 908336993
Cuenta cliente: 10200009083369934
IBAN: CR02010200009083369934

Promérica – Colones
Cuenta corriente: 30000001512248
Cuenta cliente: 11610300015122481
IBAN: CR03011610300015122481

Promérica – Dólares
Cuenta corriente: 40000001512256
Cuenta cliente: 11610400015122561
IBAN: CR036011610400015122561

Cédula jurídica: 3002509765

4. Business workshops

By taking our workshops to your company you benefit, and you benefit us. The collaborators of your team are stimulated and benefited by the exercises of creativity and psychological exploration. We are benefited by being able to help and by the funds we raise for the country's children.

To help us in this way, write us here.

5. Adopting a pig

At our store on Avenida Escazú you can take a little piggy painted by one of the children who benefit from our workshops. You take it, fill it and then return it "fattened". You can also come to customize yours and return it when it's full.

It's a fun and easy way to help our kids. We're waiting for you!

6. Private parties and activities

At our store on Avenida Escazú you can organize a party for your children. We develop activities for them and at the same time the party benefits the most needy children.

To help us in this way, write us here.