Sueña en Colores is a non-profit NGO that through art-therapy workshops helps low-income populations with psychosocial risk. We currently work with hundreds of children from different schools and groups in the country. All the workshops are made with funds raised thanks to the donations we receive, many of them are given through our Adopt a Pig campaign which has three modes:

  1. The first is adopting completely free of charge one of the pigs that the children have painted in the schools that we support, who receive our interventions for free. We believe in the "give and take", so we encourage a symbolic exchange, children give something in return for what they receive, so when painting the pig they themselves are part of the collection of funds to continue receiving the workshops.
  2. Visit us at our fundraising workshop on Avenida Escazú, where you can customize a pig with paintings yourself.
  3. The Adopt a Pig campaign can visit your school or private company, where individually or in groups these pigs are "adopted". The pigs can be painted by the students or collaborators or they can adopt those that are already painted by the children that we support.

Of the three forms, the adult responsible for the piggy is committed to fill it, and when it's full he must return it, as a donation to Sueña en Colores, to continue giving emotional support to the children and adolescents we serve.
The estimated return period is 3 to 4 months.

Thanks to the donations we receive we can serve more children under our intervention program.