Sueño en Colores is a Costa Rican-based non-profit association that develops programs, talks and workshops aimed at at-risk communities in need of psychological and emotional support.

We are a group of professionals, with expertise in the field of psychology, Mindfulness and creativity, and aspire to heal communities through therapeutic interventions.

Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization, we develop activities and workshops for at-risk kids and teenagers in need of psychological and emotional support.


Our vision

Sueña en Colores believes in creating an environment and communities that promote wellbeing and the importance of mental health in a friendly, stable and harmonious atmosphere.

Our values

  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Inclusiveness
  • Balance
  • Teamwork

Our main goal

To generate social impact in the communities we visit, through our creative therapeutic interventions, which bring forth expressing of feelings, self knowledge, and generate support for children and youth who are exposed to social vulnerability.

How we do it?

With our therapeutic intervention programs for low income schools : Aulas de Colores.

Through the use of creative tools, the objectives of each session are used to promote health.

We include workshops for teachers and parents so that they can continue with the program and create a sustainable change.